Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Is There a Hope For Type II Diabetes Patients ?? 

There are lots of clinical trials that are happening in the field of diabetes treatment. Most of the trials are focused on the adjuvant therapy and also on improving the existing delivery mechanism. Recently in the news about a phase II trial conducted for a product Imeglimin, a novel compound as an add-on therapy to Sitagliptin (Imeglimin-Sitagliptin Therapy Shows Significant Benefits In Type 2 Diabetes." Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 5 Nov. 2012. Web 6 Nov. 2012. For more info, visit Medical News Today).
As per the bulletin, the combination found to be effective in reducing the blood glucose. News of this kind is common nowadays and most of the results are from the early stage clinical trials. The sample size of this particular trial is just 150 and it is certainly not a size on which the decision can be made. The majority of trials fail in the 3rd phase of the clinical trial and mostly due to the increased number of variables and sample size. Hence, news of this kind is certainly not the answer for the long wait; however this can provide a glimmer of hope for the type II diabetic’s patients.

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