Sunday, 7 April 2013


  • Learnt about the current scenario of India Pharmaceutical Market.
  • Gained depth knowledge of Pharmacovigilence and its process.
  • Learnt about the current Guidelines applied for periodic safety update reports.
  • Learnt about the transfer of adverse event information from vigiflow to vigibase.
  • Ethics committee and its quality in India.

Pictures of Workshop

 Students and staff of ACRI @ Workshop

Students and Staff of ACRI attended a workshop on dia

4th Pharmacovigilence conference took place in Bangalore from 8th to 9th March 2013.  It was held in the Vivanta by Taj – Yeshwantpur Bangalore. 

Inauguration and opening remark was by:         

   Dr Moin Don  - Director and Founder of PVCON, PV Consulting Services.
   Dr Vivek Ahuja - Director, Pharmacovigilance Asia Pacific, Baxter Healthcare.                                             

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  1. Apart from being an existing subject to learn, pharmacological industry activities have resulted in good career opportunity aspiring for the professionals.