Thursday, 23 May 2013

Recently Launched US website makes clinical trials easy to find

A US doctor has Launched a website to make it easier for the world’s sickest people to connect with research that could potentially save their lives.

The non-profit endeavor known as aims to become "The Wikipedia of clinical trials," by allowing a quick and free search for studies at academic centers around the globe, said its founder Bruce Markowitz is “really a resource for everybody, worldwide,  for free,” said Moskowitz, a primary care physician in Palm Beach, Florida,  whose mobile patient population -many of whom migrate north for the summer  gave him the idea of finding better ways to share information.

Moskowitz hopes that the new website will improve the quality of research and also helps to identify how many clinical trials are duplicated.

The new web site is an open-source platform, so educational centers can send in their own information. It updates automatically and can send users alerts when a trial status changes or a new trial opens up.    It also allows patients to email a doctor in any country to find out about a clinical trial, Moskowitz said.

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