Tuesday 10 June 2014

Tomato extract 'improves blood vessel function' in CVD patients

Results of a study revealed that CVD patients who received lycopene supplementation showed improved blood vessel response to acetylcholine, compared with healthy volunteers, which indicated normalized endothelial function.

Tomatoes and tomato products, including ketchup and tomato puree, have the highest concentrations of lycopene. Lycopene improves blood vessel response to acetylcholine by 53% in CVD patients. It works by simulating the release of nitric oxide - a hormone that helps the blood vessels to dilate, improves the function of blood vessels in cardiovascular disease patients. It reinforces the need for a healthy diet in people at risk from heart disease and stroke.

A daily 'tomato pill' is not a substitute for other treatments, but may provide added benefits when taken alongside other medication.

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