Friday, 17 August 2012

Edible Vaccines - A novel approach towards immunization

Future prospects of edible vaccines.

Although still at an early stage of development, the experimental know-how and results strongly suggest that plant derived edible vaccines are likely to become a reality in the next few years. Future research will demonstrate if these vaccines meet the standards of quality (purity, potency, safety and efficacy) defined for vaccines by the WHO.

In future, a great ability for the immunization throughout the glob with the use of edible vaccine can be possible with its economic production will lower down the cost of immunization, separation and purification is easy and pathogenic contamination can be avoided therefore safe, no constricted criteria for its stoarge so can be stored near the site of use, aseptic condition dose not require for oral immunization as it is given through oral route.

GM-plant (Genetically modified plants) may be grown in field and clinical trials are required to define the risk/benefit ration of the GM-plant before registration is granted.  In most countries, plants engineered to produce vaccines fall under the very restrictive rules set up to control GM-crop plants. The present concern, especially in Europe, over the use of biotechnology for the genetic improvement of crop plants also negatively affects the acceptance of GM-plants for medicinal use. 

As a consequence, while the demonstration that plant-derived vaccines are effective on populations at risk is expected to arrive within 1-2 years, a further quarantine of 2-3 years will be required in order to fulfill requirements for registration and marketing. It is hoped that simpler rules will be set up for GM-plants producing vaccines and that they are seen as clearly and legally distinct from GM-plants grown for nutrition purposes.

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